Hybrid Cloud Solutions in Doral, FL

B2B Cloud Solutions offers Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Cloud Support and Hybrid Cloud consulting services for clients in Doral, FL that need to keep some services locally and some in the Cloud. Our hybrid cloud consultants will design a hybrid cloud solution to maximize the use and benefits of “Cloud Technology” while maintaining the speed and efficiency of locally stored information. B2B Cloud Solutions has proven experience in the areas of migrations and integrations between onsite systems and “Cloud” based systems.

Some of the benefits in migrating to our Hybrid Cloud solution are:

  • Complete protection from power outages and storms especially during Hurricane Season. Our redundant Datacenter provides complete protection from power outages or other natural disasters. Our Datacenters are equipped with external generators and redundant internet connections.
  • $0 infrastructure cost for expensive file, email and application servers. Since the applications and data reside in “the Cloud” the organization does not incur any costs.
  • Work from anywhere. The applications and data can be accessed by any device that has Internet connectivity. Furthermore, in cases where some data needs to be local on the machine, we offer tools to synchronize it to “the Cloud”, so all data can be backed up daily.
  • Pay as you need. The organization will only pay for users that are active. The cost is per employee so in cases where the headcount changes the charges change along with it.
  • Cost analysis. The cost benefit analysis between keeping the IT Infrastructure in house vs “the cloud” are very noticeable. On average small/medium-sized business save over 40% on IT related costs and downtime. Please contact us and allow us to present to you a no cost analysis on your environment.