Wireless Network Site Survey and Heatmapping Services

Do you get the most out of your Wifi?

Today's industry is dependent on wireless networks. These wireless networks play a vital role in how businesses operate, from running essential pieces of equipment to supporting employees in their everyday tasks. This increased dependence on wireless networks by businesses results in legitimate concerns, such as:

What happens if the wireless network is not properly configured?

What if the wireless signal is not strong enough to reach all areas of the facility?

How can you be sure that the wireless network is secure and does not expose your company's confidential information to customers, vendors, or others?

B2B Understands the Importance of Your Company's Wireless Network

Providing wireless internet access for any device in your workplace has become a necessity, as it is an expected part of the employee and customer experience. Employees and customers expect to be able to access their resources quickly, efficiently, and securely. Allow B2B to transform your wireless network infrastructure with a tailor-made package of solutions designed to grow with your company and to deliver value at every level.

B2B Cloud Solutions provides the most comprehensive wireless network site survey and heatmapping services for today's businesses. We plan, measure and map your location thoroughly ensuring you will have a fast, available and reliable wireless network once installed.

B2B's Wireless Network Site Survey and Heatmapping Services

B2B uses a comprehensive approach to gain an understanding of your business needs, current working environment, and long-term growth objectives. Our assessment will provide a thorough evaluation of your existing wireless network (if any) and identify factors which may cause a degradation in its service.

First, an onsite pre-survey is conducted to map out the wireless access points, followed by generation of a heat map of your facility and desired coverage area, noting signal reach/strength and possible obstructions. After the analysis, recommendations for installation and/or reconfiguration of the wireless network will be provided. An onsite post survey is done after work is complete, providing documentation of the installed configuration for future reference.

Wireless networks must be configured correctly to ensure data security. Our team is experienced in installing and configuring wireless networks that are completely secure using the latest protocols and encryption algorithms.

You can focus on and grow business when you are freed from the worries of maintaining your technology infrastructure. With the help of B2B's qualified wireless network systems engineers, you can obtain the functionality your business requires without the risks.