Customer Reviews

"I Trust B2B Cloud Solutions with the Security of Our Business Period…"

11+ Years

Based off of our long-standing relationship with B2B Cloud Solutions, we recommend them for their reliable staff, and straightforward, trustworthy service. The staff are always there when you need them to give helpful and efficient service. The trustworthiness of the company is very important when it comes to the security of our business, and we fully trust B2B to keep us protected. We are grateful to have such incredible service at a cost-efficient price. I would recommend them 100% to anyone looking for dependable, honest and affordable IT services.

D. Garcia

"Their Service is the Best in Town, with a Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff."

7+ Years

Our biggest single benefit has been from their service. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, I know that my company will always have complete support and security. My best advice would be to not think twice, there is no better service in town than B2B Cloud Solutions for IT assistance that is both comprehensive and cordial.

R. Casey
Office Manger

"I Can Dedicate 100% of My Time to My Business Knowing That Any IT Issue Will Be Taken Care of Quickly and Professionally."

14+ Years

The staff at B2B Cloud Solutions responds quickly, and they speak my language- straight and to the point with no fluff. In all my years with them, I have always found them to go far and beyond for their customers, something that you do not often find in our local business community. They are our "in house" IT department, and therefore I can dedicate 100% of my time to my business knowing that any IT issue will be taken care of quickly and professionally. Because of this relationship, we have not needed to hire any other IT employees, saving us money in the end. I find that with IT support you get what you pay for and hiring B2Ba Cloud Solutions has been a worthwhile investment for my business.

A. Valdes

"I Have Complete Trust in the Company’s Owners and Employees."

12+ Years

I put complete trust in not only the company’s owners but also the employees to provide me with helpful, all-around service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many reasons to work with B2B Cloud Solutions, but for me the biggest is the immense knowledge of everyone in the company. Because of their expertise, I have complete trust in the company’s owners and employees to keep the virtual components of my business safe.

A. De La Vega
Managing Partner

"The Customer Care Is Prepared and Qualified, Leaving Us with No Technical Worries During Our High Season."

3+ Years

I used to be an IT manager and finding a company to securely handle our personal information was a MUST. This is why we chose B2B Cloud Solutions; the customer care is prepared and qualified to handle our information and respond quickly to any problems. The staff is flexible to our needs and leaves us with no technical worries during our high season, even when we work 10-12 hours per day Saturday and Sunday.

D. Simoni
C.P.A. Senior Manager

"B2B Is at the Forefront for Security, Data Back Up and Unparalleled Personal Service."

27+ Years

We have been working continuously with B2B Cloud Solutions for all or our IT needs for the last 27 years. They have been with us since we first connected to the internet in the late 1990s, through two moves, numerous servers and finally to fully cloud based services. B2B is at the forefront for security, data back up and more while also being budget conscious- which is critical in a small business. They are always available to anticipate our needs, rescue us from disaster and protect our data from storms and violence. The personal service is unparalleled, you get the attention of the owner when necessary and the rest of the technicians are always helpful and available. I highly recommend B2B Cloud Solutions to any small business.

B. L. Fink
Partner Owner

"Immediate Resolutions to Our Problems and a Strong Business Relationship for Over 25 Years."

27+ Years

I have been using B2B Cloud Solutions since 1994 and they have always remained cool, calm and collected dealing with emergencies and finding immediate resolutions for our problems. In these years we have built a strong business relationship where they create the best solutions for our personal technological needs. They always deliver incredible service, even better than what is expected and is why we have been committed to their services for over 25 years.

S. Kolski
Partner Owner

"B2B Cloud Solutions Addresses the Issue Completely Until It Is Taken Care of."

7+ Years

By working with B2B Cloud Solutions, I’ve found myself with a better peace of mind knowing that whatever arises, it will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Not only are they knowledgeable but they can also handle any issue. Having a service that addresses the issue completely until it has taken care of, that allows me to focus on my business without having to worry about any technical issues. I enjoy the ease of just shooting off an email, and having my problems resolved. I also appreciate how they stay on top of overall maintenance, while working around our schedule so as not to interfere with our workday.

A. Azcuy

"In Today’s Day and Age, With Our Dependence on Technology, it is Great Knowing That Your Problems Will Be Answered Immediately and the Problem Solved."

15+ Years

B2B’s prompt and effective service philosophy is second to none. In addition, trusting that your data is secured and backed-up is extremely important. In today’s day and age, and with our dependence on technology, knowing that you can rely on your call for service been answered immediately and the problem solved, is by far the most benefit of using B2B. Not having to call multiple providers to deal with the issues saves us time and money. It is truly a one-stop service! You cannot go wrong by going with B2B. You can be assure that they will be there when you need them. The peace of mind of being able to outsource your IT needs and knowing that they will be there in the future, and understand your needs is priceless.

P. Sanchez

"Provides the Precise Type of Services and Products The Client Needs to Operate and Succeed."

7+ Years

It has been incredible having a single trusted and loyal provider of service since 1992! There has a tremendous value in having a thirty-year history with a provider of services that knows, understands, and uses our history to provide the precise type of services and products this client needs to operate and succeed. Notable expertise, superb response time, great value for their services and fantastic customer care, service manner and treatment. You can count on these people; go with them; you will never regret the decision.

J. Tome
Managing Partner

"If You Want a Top-Notch IT Firm with Great Response Time, Personal Service and Knowledgeable Owners and Staff, Then It’s Time to Make a Move."

20+ Years

One thing that makes B2B unique is their response time. There is always someone available 24/7 to respond to any problem, issue, or question. I have been working with B2B for over 20 years and have always received incredibly personalized attention and observed incredible skill among the whole staff in quick and effective problem solving. If you want a top-notch IT firm with great response time, personal and knowledgeable owners, and staff then it’s time to make a move.

L. Mendez
Managing Partner

"With B2B, Our Company’s Computer Systems Are Constantly Monitored by a Knowledgeable and Professional Team That Ensures They Are Safe and Properly Functioning at All Times."

7+ Years

We are very pleased working with B2B team, they always respond in a very professional manner when called to discuss any needs we may have. All of the staff have proven to be well prepared and when they do not have the answer, they immediately seek advice within the team or even from third parties within the industry, putting the needs of the customers first. They always provide the correct advice within reasonable period, with a highly qualified team to support you with your system infrastructure needs. As a business owner, I appreciate the tranquility of knowing that our company’s computer systems are constantly monitored by a knowledgeable and professional team that ensures they are safe and proper functioning at all times. B2B Cloud Solutions is a serious company with renowned experience in its industry that you can trust.

J Perez

"The greatest benefit in partnering with B2B Cloud Solutions has been their flexibility in meeting our needs."


As our business has expanded, they have made accommodations not only in continually monitoring and supporting our growing infrastructure, but in allocating more resources to our business, as necessary. B2B Cloud Solutions is the best at offering custom-tailored hardware and support solutions for small to medium businesses in the greater Miami area.

If you need a dependable IT partner who will work with your ever-changing business needs and your budget, B2B Cloud Solutions should be at the top of your list.

O. Mejia
CFO, FinOp & HR Director
VectorGlobal WMG

"B2B Cloud Solutions is an affordable option to having a full time IT resource."


Our organization have been utilizing B2B Cloud Solutions for the past 7 years! We are able to get answers and assist us in correcting IT issues from qualified IT professionals in a fast and accurate manner.

They treat our IT problems with a high level of urgency keeping our downtime to a minimum. I would recommend their IT Network Support services as well as their Cloud Solutions to any firm!

Martha De Leon Belloc
Managing Director
Conese Family Group